Le heart. (skankirishlover) wrote in artsy_fucks,
Le heart.


Name: Mea-g-han, call me Mea.
Age: 13
Location: East Syracuse, New York.
Sex: Female, thanks.

Things you like: Reading, writing, being artsy, my nephew, my friends, the hemp necklaces I make..
Things you don't: George Bush, sleeping, bad smelling flowers...More.
Favourite bands: Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Counting Crows, Aqua, Ace of Base.
Favourite movies: Any and every chick flick. My favorite being Breakfast Club.
What makes you artsy: I have a creative eye for things. I tend to do stuff with shoes and another inanimate object. Then I play with them on my computer.
What kind of art are you into: Well...I can look at anything in the artistic sense, but my favorite artist would be Andy Warhol. He made art is own.

An example of something artsy you've done:

I did that with a picture of my friend's shoe on a watermelon. It took me a while to finish that. The original picture isn't in there...The one in the top right corner isn't the original. I made the watermelon fushia.


Thanks for reading..

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