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Location:new jersey

Things you like:music, shows, softball, hockey, writing, singing, local bands, love, death, romance, comedy, eye liner, hot pink, stars, the night sky, the water, rain
Things you don't:liars, cheaters, users, smoke, the green stuff they put on food, spicey things
Favourite bands:taking back sunday, from autumn to ashes, hidden in plain view, senses fail..
Favourite movies:edward scissorhand, now and then, night of the living dead
What makes you artsy: i love writing.. its my life
An example of something artsy you've done:

time has taken its turn
waves fall upon my lies
my soul hurts, God stop this burn
save me before my body dies
stress has ran my world for too long
waiting anxiously for it to go away, to stop
trying to pass time, hear my sad song
running out of strength, I'm about to pop
love has saved me before
but now its too late
my soul has faded out the door
my clock has run down, here is my fate
cuts burn my skin
as blood trickles down my arm
will my body forgive me for this sin?
will this send out the alarm?
everything is gone now forever
this time they couldn't have saved me
i know i was wrong, but it was now or never
forgive me my love, this was how i was meant to be
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