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Well I'm in a band and it's kinda going nowhere so I decided to get crackin' and try to write a song to go with a riff my friend made up. Criticism please, if you want me to change some stuff, or to get rid of it because it's crap...it's all good.


Stand in line, We'll beat you down,
We'll step on your back and make you taste the ground,
Oh no no, We're not kiddin' around...

We'll run your lives through anger and fear,
No reason why, It's all so unclear,
That's just us and here's what we say...

***We're the Assholes...
That's what we do,
If you come after us we'll take care of you.
We're the Assholes...
We're here to stay
If you see us coming get outta our fuckin' way.

We're not your friend, We're way too cool,
So don't even try you fuckin' fools,
We're the badass bitches breakin' all the rules.

We'll kick your ass, We'll make you bleed,
We're all about the Sex, Alcohol and Weed,
You know who we are and here's what we say...


Bridge....We've got our guns, We've got our knives,
We got no hearts, We got no lives,
(Blah Blah something that rhymes with job)
We've got our cars, We've got our girls,
We're tryin' to run this fucked up world,
It looks like we're doin' a pretty good job...

Solo or something....

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